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Re: Trouble installing Hurd

On Sun, Sep 26, 1999 at 01:53:51PM +0100, Chris Lingard wrote:
> hda4: bad access
> block 28 count 2 blockend 30 nrsects
> end request I/O error dev 03:04 sector 28

I see this too, it seems to be harmless.
> file system not unmounted cleanly Please fsck
> mount read-only must use fsysopt --writable

Yeah, we all see this. Needs to be fixed, but nobody has debugged it yet.

Just boot to multi user and it will automagically try to fsck the disk. Or
fsck from Linux, or udner Hurd even.
> If I fsck the partition, then reboot, it 'works' OK.  The fsysopt
> --writable is not an allowed instruction.

Hey, try "fsysopts --help" and "fsysopts / --writable"
> What I get is a very unstable system;  df does not work

df does work, but not in the way you are used to it. Use the very latest
fileutils package (4.0-2.1) and try "df /path", for example "df /".

> and editing the
> fstab to mount other partitions is hairy. 

I don't undertstand what you mean. Mounting a partition is done by setting a
translator, not by editing fstab. BTW, don't use the editor joe, it is
utterly broken. use jed for a nice light weight editor.


settrans /mnt /hurd/ext2fs /dev/hd???

And b sure to read http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-doc-translator and
the other pages on this site.

> I have tried MAKEDEV to build
> for the other partitions

Yes, this is required. Before creating device files, do "cd /dir", and then

./MAKEDEV hd2s6

or whatever partition.
> What am I doing wrong.  The disks were partitioned with Debian fdisk.
> Must I have just four primary partitions per disk?

No. The Hurd groks BSD disk labels and DOS extended partitions just well. If
it still doesn't work, we need more information to be able to help you.


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