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Re: File system corruption

Hi, just a coupla days ago i reinstalled the HURD from the latest .debs.
However i've noticed a few problems, aside from the commonly mentioned
(and to my knowlege still unfixed) bug concerning not cleanly unmounted
partitions at reboot. Especially when i try to install a new package or
compile something, I get strange errors that I can only attribute to
corrupt data, either in memory or on disk. After I install a couple new
packages (or maybe only one) all subsequent installation attepts yeild crc
errors from gzip. And at the same time ld starts spuing errors when i try
to compile somthing. Sometimes a reboot fixes the problem and sometimes

I tried to compare the md5sums of the same .deb package when it was
installing successfully and when it wasn't. They were different, so the
problem isn't in gzip. I thought that somehow pipes were causing the
problem (I have also observed that random characters were changed when
written to disk, for example a ' ' being changed to ^K, etc.) but after
restarting the pflocal translator several times, nothing happend. After
rebooting in linux and verifying the integrity of the same .deb pacakge,
it seemed fine so the problem is not in the file it self.

I've seen a couple of posts here about file system corruption due to the
ext2fs server. Because of the above symptoms this seems to be a very
likely cause. If it possible for me to downgrade my hurd (or another)
package to avoid these errors, if so to which version?



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