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Re: Some HW questions.

> 1.) Will it be possible to install the Hurd on a 486DX120, or do I 
>     need a Pentium?  What about a 486DX50?

Any 486 or above should be fine, as long as it has an FPU.
Probably 386 is fine too if it has an FPU.

> 2.) Does anybody have any experience with older Cyrix 586 CPUs?  I have
>     a 200Mhz device which may still work.  Linux worked on it reasonably
>     well before I upgraded.

Not specifically, but in general it's reasonable to expect any x86 CPU that
works with linux to work with gnumach as well, with the one caveat that
gnumach doesn't currently work with machines that have no FPU.

> 3.) If I have a 350Mb hard drive, but I have a machine which I intend to
>     use entirely as a Hurd victim machine, will this be enough?  That is
>     to say, can I use this machine only for Hurd binaries, and cross-compile
>     everything from my Linux machine?

We do not recommend cross-compiling in general.  Many of us are certainly
successfully cross-compiling gnumach, libc, and hurd; but making the
cross-compilation setup work is nontrivial (always seems trivial to me, but
I just know too much), and most things other than those three are not very
cross-compile friendly.

> 4.) What's the minimum amount of memory I will need?  Will 8Mb be
>     sufficient?  16Mb?  32Mb?  512Mb?

8Mb is probably unworkable.  16Mb is probably ok, but you should definitely
then compile a precisely configured gnumach with just what you need in it.

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