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Re: hurd build machine available?

> > port their packages to?  I'd like to try to port some of my packages to
> > the hurd.  Unfortunately, the systems I have access to are dedicated
> > Linux boxes (nothing wrong with that :) so I can't install the hurd on
> > any of them.
> Not yet, but we are working on it. It seems that we will soon get a machine
> that is available for all Debian developers. It will be announced big times
> when it is ready.

I considered leaving a machine running the Hurd up indefinately with a
guest account just to see what areas might need improvement

I noticed that the initial login prompt provides a wee bit more power than
i'd like. I suppose I can get around that once I have the time. 

Don't know why I'm telling you.. :)

--Michael Bacarella

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