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RE: Trouble installing Hurd - Solved by Marcus

> > > hda4: bad access
> > > block 28 count 2 blockend 30 nrsects
> > > end request I/O error dev 03:04 sector 28
> >

I get this too.  The "dev 03" part refers to your primary IDE drive.
By running cfdisk under Linux you will probably see something like
the following (note: this is paraphrased from memory):

/dev/hd0s1			primary		Linux
/dev/hd0s2			primary		Hurd
/dev/hd0s3			primary		Hurd
/dev/hd0s5			Logical		Hurd
/dev/hd0s6			Logical		Hurd
/dev/hd0s7			Logical		Swap

Okay.  My setup is a bit weird.  I recently replaced a bad disk drive
with a new 4.2 Gig drive.  So I partitioned it up into a bunch of < 1Gig

You are limited to Four "Primary" partitions, so the first three are
primary and the last three are "extended" or "logical" drives that
in reality live physically within the final (fourth) un-named primary 
partition (/dev/hd0s4).

Under Linux, instead of this error you would see:

Checking IDE drives:
	hda1  hda2  hda3  <hda5  hda6  hda7>

I surmise from this that the Hurd (or mach) cannot understand the logical
drives, and so it outputs this error message.  E.g., the "04" part of the
error message is the presence of this "wierd" fourth partition that contains
the logical drives.

I believe this is harmless.


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