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Re: panic: main: no root node!

    >>  >> ext2fs: hd0s1: panic: main: no root node!
    >> > Whoa! I never saw this one.
    >> It's the block size.  The file system should be created with
    >> "mke2fs -b 1024 -o hurd /dev/hda1".

    > Can you elaborate on what the problem is here?

I don't know.  Either the ext2 file system implementation that comes
with GNU Mach does only support block sizes of 1024 bytes or there's
a bug in the implementation.

I tried to install the Hurd yesterday and got the same error message
like you.  I figured out that the mke2fs version that comes with
potato by default uses a block size of 4096 bytes instead of 1024
bytes if the size of a partition exceeds a certain size (800 MB?).

When I created the file system with a block size of 1024 instead of
4096 bytes, I was able to boot the Hurd.

You can find out the block size of a ext2 file system with dumpe2fs.

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