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>   Are you sure?  I just reinstalled the Hurd last night and the ext2 filesystem
> (created with e2fsprogs 1.15) doesn't seem to have any problems..I even rebuilt
> gnumach natively without any problems (after giving up on the cross-compile
> option :-) ).  I also seem to remember a post to this list about the Hurd now
> being compatible with the newest Linux e2fs.  Is my Hurd system about to go
> down in flames because of filesystem incompatabilities? :-P

I did make such changes and thought them to be correct, but had not tested
them at all.  You are the guinea pig, and it appears that you lived!  If
you did things like native builds without your filesystem going down in
flames, then it is probably not too likely to go down in flames due to the
new changes.  

The new ext2fs format changes are not really much change from the
perspective of the kernel/filesystem (a little more for e2fsck).  The new
mke2fs doesn't turn on the dir_prealloc_blocks feature, so you have not
exercised that part of the changed code.  Probably the only thing exercised
is the sparse_super support, and that is really nothing but ext2fs not
going out of its way to check and complain about something.

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