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Re: GRUB boot floppy - suggestion.

Hi Dave,
  If I remember my grub you can also use the [TAB] feature at the root
statement.  If you state root=(hd0,[TAB] it will display all possible
useable partitions for root.  Its been awhile so it would be best to
check to be sure.


Dave Baker wrote:
> Having fought through making my GRUB boot floppy work I have a suggestion
> that perhaps others can use.  I don't see this mentioned in the 'easy
> guide' or any of the FAQs - perhaps if the authors of either like the idea
> they can add it.
> This was done by downloading the GRUB source, making both stages and using
> dd to copy them both to the floppy bootsector.
> When booting the first time, I really didn't know which partition to use
> since I've got so many I lose track of them all.  What I did was to just
> take a guess and type:
>  root=(hd0,8)
> grub responds with whether it could mount the partition or not, and if so
> what type it was.  For me, this was 0x82 (the wrong one), so I repeat
>   root=(hd0,6)
> grub now says it's mounted successfully type 0x83.  Hmm - it's a linux
> partition but is it the right one?
>   kernel=/[TAB]
> something I didn't expect at first!  GRUB does filename completion, and
> shows me a directory listing of the root of the partition ... and I can
> see it's the wrong one.
>   root=(hd0,7)
>   kernel=/[TAB]
> And yes, now it's showing the correct listing so I can continue and boot
> to the right place.
> After repeating the root= stage many times on one attempt it started to
> report the partitions were too large for my BIOS.  I just rebooted and
> this message went away and I was able to boot normally again.
> I know it's not elegant but a bit of practical exploration won out over
> theoretically calculating the right numbers in the first place.
> -dave
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