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Re: Some HW questions.

At 01:36 PM 9/22/99 -0400, Michael Bacarella wrote:
>The Hurd is still very deep in development, and as a result, it's
>not the speediest little bugger yet. (Or stablest). If/When it is
>completed, it's stability and speed should be very worth writing home
>about. :)
Well, this is the reason I'm concerned.  I have about 21Gb of disk space
on my main machine.  If the Hurd crashes, having fsck crawl through 21Gb
of disk space is a significant drag.  If it crashes and leave the disk in
an unrecoverable state, my wife would teach me the true use of a rolling
pin, yahyoubetcha.  In more ways than one, probably.

Thanks for your swift reply.

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