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Easy Guide - location?

After years (on and off) of trying, I finally have Hurd running.  Granted
the last time I tried was on my 386/25 without documentation, and without 

Anyway, scouring the web sites lead me to the 'easy guide' for information
to install but the web server isn't responding.

Does anyone have a copy they can email me, or direct me to an alternative
location?  Perhaps I no longer need it though ... nowhere did I find how
far through the process it'll take you:

So far I have
1) created the partition, run ./cross-install /hurd --download
(I wasn't able to successfully mirror the directory since lftp didn't
follow the symlinks ... seemed easier to just let it download as it

this did give me an error trying to install one of the packages (stupid me
closed the window before writing down what it was).  I remember the error
was related to 'stdin' not being recognized as a file....

2) download the grub source, compile and build the boot floppy as per the
instructions on the old, old grub page (dd if=stage1 of= etc etc)

3) boot to floppy.  From an earlier post to this list and a few
repetitions I was able to piece together the root= kernel= module= lines I

4) run native-install

... And that's pretty much where I am now.  Does the easy guide take me
further or do I need to find other documentation now? ... 


p.s. hardware: p266, 80M ram, 500M partition, other OS = debian 2.1  

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