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RE: File System Errors (Additional Data)

This message provides additional information regarding 
file system corruption I observed on the most recent
Hurd builds.

I now believe that the corruption is due to a problem
with the Hurd package itself, and not gnumach or

I have replace the disk drive in question, verified all
system BIOS settings, and deactivated UDMA and similar
features that may not have proper support under 
GNUMACH or the Hurd.

During high system load (such as during a compile) I
get multiple INODE errors of the form:

"ext2fs:  Warning:  bad directory entry: XX inode: YY offset: ZZ"

I wiped all partitions clean on my system, then installed 
Marcus's earlier Hurd tarball gnu-19990505.tar.gz
and the problems went away.

I was able to run multiple compiles of a current CVS pull
for GNU Mach without introducing errors to the filesystem.  
I then updated to the hurd-19990923 packages and attempted 
to recompile GNU Mach.  The first recompile resulted in 
multiple INODE errors as seen previously.

I do not know which part of the Hurd package is causing this
problem, but I believe I have ruled out all other variables.



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