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Re: First-time Hurd installation: booting fails

On Sat, Sep 25, 1999 at 01:43:54AM +0200, Kai Großjohann wrote:
> Got a mostly empty /dev directory, it only had a MAKEDEV script.
> Tried to execute that script from Linux, no go (was missing settrans).

Oh come on, that *can't* work :)  (I hope there is no document out there
that says you should do so, otherwise we should fix it asap).
> Proceeded to boot from the GRUB floppy.  Entered:
>     root=(hd0,2)
>     kernel=/boot/gnumach.gz root=hd1s3 -s
That should be hd0s3.

> Notes:  I mostly followed the `easy guide'.  The easy guide could be
> changed to reflect that gnumach and serverboot are now gzipped.  Also,
> the easy guide contains a section on creating device files, but the
> instructions are not enlightening:
>     Then you have to recreate the device files, due to a bug in the
>     tarball:
>     cd /gnu/dev
>     rm *
>     ln -s ../sbin/MAKEDEV /gnu/dev/MAKEDEV

That applies only to a VERY old tar ball (gnu-19990104). The easy guide
definitely needs an update. Matthew, are you around?

> Something must be wrong, here.

Aside from the confusion about device names and outdated documentation (both
are not your fault, the device naming is confusing, and the easy guide is
needing an update), all should be well.
> Another note on the easy guide: tell us to edit /gnu/boot/servers.boot
> to specify the swap partition.  There was something on this list that
> the Hurd fails when run without a swap partition...

It doesn't fail right at first boot, but it doesn't perform well. You should
always add swap, but it is not a real requirement to get stuff booting. BTW,
you can add swap partitions to /etc/fstab now-a-days, no need to edit
servers.boot... again, updating the docs would be nice.

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