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Re: Some HW questions.

On Wed, Sep 22, 1999 at 01:14:00PM -0400, Bill White wrote:
> 3.) If I have a 350Mb hard drive, but I have a machine which I intend to
>     use entirely as a Hurd victim machine, will this be enough?

Yes, if you don't want to compile X or glibc.

>     That is
>     to say, can I use this machine only for Hurd binaries, and cross-compile
>     everything from my Linux machine?

As Roland said, cross compiling anything but gnumach is involved, and
anything except gnumach, hurd and glibc (and trivial little programs) is
very complicated. If you want an impression of how hard it is to set up a
completely functional cross compilation environment, check the mail archives
from about nov last year to march this year (it took about so long to find
all problems and misconfigurations). I have a working cross comp. setup
here, but I don't know how I got to it. And I hope I will never break it
again (that's why I don't touch it anymore).

> 4.) What's the minimum amount of memory I will need?  Will 8Mb be
>     sufficient?  16Mb?  32Mb?  512Mb?

Do yourself a favour and get at least 32 MB, better 64 MB. It doesn't really
require it, but you will be much happier (and mem is cheap today).

And if you only have a 350 drive, you will want even more, because you can't
have much swap space. If you had a large disk, I would recommend > 100 MB
swap, even with much memory.

One last tip: Make a swap partition, even if it is only a small one. There
are certain conditions where the pager will fail horribly when there is no
memory left and you have no swap (if you have swap, even if it is completely
used up, the pager will not fail). This is a very special case, but having a
small swap can defintitel increase the stability of your machine. (see


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