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submitting bug reports


if you find a bug in the Hurd, please file a bug against the appropriate

 If it is a bug in the Hurd servers or utilities.
 If it is a bug in the Hurd libraries or include files.

 For bugs in the microkernel.
 For bugs in the include files of the microkernel.

 For bugs in the Mach interface generator.

 Bugs in the C library should be filed against this package,
 alternatively there are libc0.2-dbg, libc0.2-dev, libc0.2-prof,
 libc0.2-pic for bugs in the relevant packages.
 When filing bugs against the C library, please make a special CC
 to the bug-hurd list (see below).

Finding out which bugs are filed already
 You can find information about the bugs reported against each package at
the URL:


where package is the package in question.

CC' when filing bugs

Bugs reported against uhrd, gnumach or mig are always submitted to the
bug-hur mailing list, so you don't need to add anything. Bugs against
libc0.2 are only sent to the Debian glibc maintainer. To make it easier for
us to notice our report, please include the following header in your mail:

dbc_xcc_hdr: bug-hurd@gnu.org

This will make sure that the bug report is CC'ed to the Hurd list _after_ it
received its bug number, which is generally a good idea.

The name of the header is cryptic. It should be "x-debian-cc", but this is a
long outstanding bug against the Debian BTS. When the bug is fixed, I will
notify you to use "X-Debian-CC" instead.

How to report bugs

Send an email to submit@bugs.debian.org with the following PSEUDO header
(in the body of the email)

Package: hurd
Version: 19990907

and substitute the packagen ame and version, of course. 
Under Debian, you can use the "bugs" package to automate this. Just call
"bugs hurd" or similar.


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