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Some HW questions.

I have some questions about hardware.  Basically I am trying to figure
out how to assemble a Hurd victim machine with the least amount of
out-of-pocket expense.  I have a collection of random HW which I have
collected over the past several years in my attic, and I am trying to
assemble it into one usable machine, on the cheap if possible.  If cheap
means 0/Euros that would be nice.

I suspect the answer to all of them will be yes, but I wanted to ask
before I spend any time on a (literally) bootless effort.

1.) Will it be possible to install the Hurd on a 486DX120, or do I 
    need a Pentium?  What about a 486DX50?
2.) Does anybody have any experience with older Cyrix 586 CPUs?  I have
    a 200Mhz device which may still work.  Linux worked on it reasonably
    well before I upgraded.
3.) If I have a 350Mb hard drive, but I have a machine which I intend to
    use entirely as a Hurd victim machine, will this be enough?  That is
    to say, can I use this machine only for Hurd binaries, and cross-compile
    everything from my Linux machine?
4.) What's the minimum amount of memory I will need?  Will 8Mb be
    sufficient?  16Mb?  32Mb?  512Mb?


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