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Re: Previous open GNU/Hurd design discussions?


On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 04:00:24PM +0200, Pontus Lidman wrote:
> Are there any resources like mailing-list archives etc.

Trent Fisher had a Hurd page which seems to be pulled now. There was a mbox
archive of some old mailing list for Hurd friends. The list never produced
much useful results, which is why Thomas Bushnell pulled the list after a
year or so. Well, I don't even have an email address of Trent. I have a copy
of the emails, but anyway it won't answer any of your questions below.

> that reflect the
> past design discussions of the GNU/Hurd team?

I don't think much of this discussion happened on a public list.

> I'm trying to get into Hurd
> a bit, but reading the source from the top down is pretty time-consuming.

Well, beside the Hurd info file, the overviews on the gnu web pages and the
source, asking on this list or on help-hurd is the right thing to do. If you
read old mail, it can happen that you read about obsolete concepts, so
asking here is better, in my opinion.


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