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Re: Trying hurd

On  7 Sep, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 12:43:53AM -0400, Igor Khavkine wrote:
>> On another note, i've finally overcome some hardware problems that i had
>> and have been able to install hurd on my system (yoo hoo!), so for now
>> i'm leaving my cross compilation efforts aside and moving on to creating
>> a development environment under the hurd.  
> Any reason not to use the Debian packages?
>> Also any progress on PnP or custom (IO, IRQ, MEM) configuration for
>> devices? (i have an NE2000 PnP card with no jumpers which isn't being
>> detected).
> I don't think anybody is working on it.
> Marcus

I think you misunderstood, I did install hurd using the .debs. However,
i don't think i installed gcc properly so when i was actually trying to
compile stuff i was getting 'dynamic linker bug' messages from ld. If i
tried without linking i was getting some other kind of obscure message
from gcc. The problem was fixed by installing the gcc and related .debs

However, I have now stumbled on an strange problem. When i was trying
to install my dpkg packages i was getting gzip crc-check failiures, i
found that the file was indeed corrupt so i red/led it. Later on i
encountered the same kind of problem while trying to install cpp, this
time however it uncompressed fine under  linux. But just in case i
devised a small shell script under the hurd that would scan try to
unpack all my debs one at a time in to a test directory and the erase
the contents of that directory, if the unpacking failed the name of the
package was supposed to be added to a file. What's interesting is that
this log files turns out to be empty and (not even cpp in it) and
everything works fine from then on. But the problem recurrs everytime i
reboot and try to install a package. I have to run the same script all
over again to fix things. However my deb collection is getting larger
and it's becoming mor timeconsuming and I don't really have an idea
which step in my script fixes the problem. Any ideas where the bug
could be? ext2fs, the caching engine, gzip?


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