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Re: Hurd stopped working :(

On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 01:55:04AM +0300, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:
> > 2. [...] However, working on a fancy terminal
> > translator is encouraged, to make a kernel driven console driver
> > unnecesasarz at some later time (contact Thomas about that)
> That's what I meant: a program which pokes characters to video
> memory without using the Mach console driver.  I'll ask for help
> when I need it (probably soon ;)

No, this is unrelated. The term translator handles input stream of
characters. It would be useful to get the scancode directly and do mapping
in the translator.

What you mean should probably be handled by a device similar to framebuffer
device in Linux. The GGI people have some ideas here, I am sure, and i think
they are interested in contributing a translator. Maybe this translator
could do text mode as well.


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