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Trying hurd

Hi all,

at last I've installed the hurd properly (thanks to who helped me). But I
would like to comment/ask some things:
- The keyboard doesn't works properly (I'm spanish). What I have to do?
- I can't see latin1 characters.
- I can't see colors; why ? (ls --color doesn't work and escape secuences
- When will be ready boot disks for installation?
- Are there several consoles as in linux, with alt+f1, alt+f2... ?
- If I do settrans with an unexisting device, the console gets unusable.
- The filesystem is too different that in linux. Where is a description
about it ?
- df doesn't works. (I think it says that it can't read filesystems
- If I want to compile my own kernel, can I do it under linux?

There are a lot of questions... but...

Juli-Manel Merino Vidal
jmmv@mail.com - http://jmmv.cjb.net
        >>> Running Debian/GNU Linux 2.2

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