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Re: bsdutils Debian package -- conflicts?

On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 04:32:49PM +0100, Andrew Stribblehill wrote:
> In the snapshot I took of main/binary-hurd-i386/ yesterday, I find that
> bsdutils is dependant upon sysvinit, although sysvinit doesn't exist. Is the
> bsdutils package as Essential as the description says it is, or can I live
> without it? If it's working OK with the Hurd, why should I need sysVinit?

Oh yeah, I did not upload it yet, because I wait for a response of the
maintainer. I have finished it though, so you will see a package soon
(within weeks). 

Neither bsdutils nor sysvinit are absolutely essential, but
I put a lot of work in the latter, so better get it and test it when it is
available, so I can enjoy seeing people using the results of my bloody
nightmare coding nights :)

Oh, a last note: just enter:

dpkg -i --force-install bsdutils_*deb

to force the installation of bsdutils. It doesn't really need sysvinit, as
far as I know.

I will try to put a bit of pressure on the sysvinit maintainer.


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