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Re: Booting the Hurd

From: Michael Lankton <mlankton@home.com>
Subject: Re: Booting the Hurd
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 23:05:37 -0500

> Why is it that linux requires LILO and the Hurd requires GRUB to boot? 
> I run Openstep and FreeBSD here at home, and in the past I have used
> several BSD based systems and two System V systems, and all of them will
> boot with any boot manager I've ever tried.

  That never be possible. Every operating systems needs a bootloader
for itself. If you think there is no bootloader for Openstep or
FreeBSD, you completely misunderstood them.

> Sorry to digress, just really curious.

  Curiosity is important, but you should read some documents about
bootstrap before asking.

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