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Let's all welcome Stefan Seeger -- GGI Expert (Was Hurd Help! -- FW: colortext translator)

I correspond somewhat with the GGI folks due to work on the
Berlin project.  I sent a quick e-mail asking if they could
provide some technical help in porting KGI onto the Hurd
(a topic they have had interest in doing in the past).

He's signed up to the debian-hurd mailing list.


-----Original Message-----
From: Steffen Seeger [mailto:s.seeger@physik.tu-chemnitz.de] 
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 1999 11:51 AM
To: ggi-develop@eskimo.com
Subject: Re: Hurd Help! -- FW: colortext translator

> GGI Folks:
> A few Hurd folks are making noises about porting KGI/GGI onto the Hurd.
> At one time a few of you were somewhat interested in this, but didn't
> make much progress.

I was, I even have hurd sleeping on my hard drive, but no chance yet
to investigate the possiblities to get KGI ported.
> Can a kind, knowledgable soul join our "debian-hurd" mailing list and
> provide some technical support?

I've sent a subscribe message to debian-hurd-request@lists.debian.org
with subject "subscribe". I hope this suffices, if not, I will yell

> The main questions we are trying to resolve are:
> 1.  How to best break KGI/GGI into a kernel/user codebase.  Most
> processes (such as the ext2 filesystem) live in "user" space.  Only
> very specific things go in the microkernel -- those things that
> have to deal directly with the hardware.

It depends on what the penalty switching between user/kernel mode is.
> 2.  How best to get FB support into the microkernel.

I am not really clear what you are referring to here. Just '/dev/fb'
support or support for graphical consoles, or what in particular.
> Attached is a recent debian-hurd message from one of the two
> independent console-coding efforts that started recently.  Instead
> of this, we would really like to jump directly to the GGI console.

Well, I won't be an obstacle to this :-)

> -Brent


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