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RE: File system corruption

> compile something, I get strange errors that I can only attribute to
> corrupt data, either in memory or on disk. After I install a 


Could you describe the errors you are seeing?  If you are experiencing
the same ext2fs problem I am, you will see the following:

"ext2fs:  Warning:  bad type XX in directory entry: inode: YY offset: ZZ"

> couple new packages (or maybe only one) all subsequent installation 
> attepts yeild crc errors from gzip. And at the same time ld starts spuing 
> errors when i try to compile somthing. Sometimes a reboot fixes the
problem and 
> sometimes not.
You might find that some libraries mysteriously "disappear", which
can cause executables to no longer function.

Can you tell me what kind of system you are on?  (i.e., motherboard
type and chipset, do you have UDMA turned on, etc.)


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