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RE: Trouble installing Hurd

> Also, I get "unknown device or filesystem" when trying to fsck
> partitions other than /.  I thought maybe I need to use "-o hurd" in
> order to make this work, but it appears that didn't help, either.
> Hm.  Again, no formal bug report right now, just a (somewhat vague)
> memory.  If you wish, I'll try to investigate.  And I'll create a new
> filesystem under Linux with and without "-o hurd" and under Hurd, if
> you want.
Please check your /etc/fstab entries under the Hurd.  You most likely
have linux-style device names there.

Another possibility is that you do not have the devices for your other
partitions set up.  Go to /dev and do:

./MAKEDEV hd0s1
./MAKEDEV hd0s2
... etc. ...
for each of your partitions (obviously use YOUR OWN DEVICE NAME -- this
will vary based on how you partitioned your drive).


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