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Re: how to make a boot disk (part I)

Hi Marcus,
  I don't know if this will help but what I have set up for grub is a
redundancy backup system.  The main grub is set up in the MBR.  I have a
floppy with stage1 in the first sector, stage2 after.  This is like my
emergency boot floppy.  My BIOS is set to boot from floppy first, from
IDE0 second.  In my Debian GNU/linux system, stage1, stage2 and menu.lst
is in the /boot/grub/ directory.  The menu.lst file has an entry at the
end of the file as follows:

title=  Install bootloader in MBR(DANGEROUS)
install=(hd0,4)/boot/grub/stage1 (hd0) (hd0,4)/boot/grub/stage2 0x8000 p

The above install command installs grub in the MBR from the Debian
GNU/linux system.  The command can be run from the emergency boot floppy
grub> prompt, or the grub boot screen from the MBR at boot from the
harddrive.  The advantage is also that as new versions of grub come on
the scene, all you have to do is drop stage1 and stage2 into /boot/grub/
and run "Install bootloader in MBR(DANGEROUS)" from the grub boot screen
or use the install command above from the floppy grub> prompt.

I working on installing a couple of loadlin in the windows partitions to
make sure I can always access /boot/grub/ in the Debian system.


Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Roland McGrath wrote:
> > With GNU GRUB (as in cvs anyway, I haven't noticed if there have been
> > releases), there is a `/sbin/grub' program built that does just this.
> > (Gord and Okuji put it in there just for you!)
> Yes. I had problems using it, but now I think this was because
> I tried to mix grub 0.5.90 with 0.5.92 (never do this at home, friends,
> it doesn´t work).
> > Normally it uses curses to give the same screen interface you get at boot time.
> > It also has a batch mode intended for using it from scripts.
> This will be very useful indeed. Thanks for pointing out.
> Marcus
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