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"adt-virt-*" abstraction (was Re: Debian and our frenemies of containers and userland repos) +1 (Re: should all bug reports be filed against /source/ packages?) 📌 - Site report KLEINE HERINNERING : Uw Sinterklaaszakjes op maat - PETIT RAPPEL : Vos sachets St-Nicolas personnalisés Uw Sinterklaaszakjes op maat - Vos sachets St-Nicolas personnalisés [Doc] Deep Learning & Debian Development [RFC] Proposal for new source format Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 4549-1] firefox-esr security update [What happened to CUT?] Re: Debian and our frenemies of containers and userland repos Re: Bits from the DPL (August 2019) Re: BITS from the DPL For September/October 2019 Bug#863408: ITP: bibledit-cloud -- Bible editor server Bug#941473: ITP: libcpuid -- C library for x86/x86_64 CPU detection and feature extraction Bug#941568: ITP: multiprocess -- better multiprocessing and multithreading in Python Re: Bug#941569: RFS: sentencepiece/0.1.83+dfsg-1 [ITP] -- Unsupervised text tokenizer for Neural Network-based text generation Bug#941599: ITP: altair -- Declarative Visualization in Python Bug#941627: ITP: grub-btrfs -- provides grub entries for btrfs snapshots (boot environments/restore points) Bug#941631: ITP: python-crayons -- Text UI colors for Python Bug#941657: ITP: python-lark-parser -- Parsing library for Python Bug#941666: ITP: vega-datasets -- Collection of datasets used in Vega and Vega-Lite examples Bug#941708: ITP: nextcloud-server -- Nextcloud folder synchronization tool (server) Bug#941726: ITP: packmol -- Initial configurations for Molecular Dynamics Simulations by packing optimization Bug#941732: ITP: golang-github-jzelinskie-whirlpool -- whirlpool cryptographic hashing library Bug#941736: ITP: golang-github-putdotio-go-putio -- Go API client Bug#941860: ITP: ruby-statistics -- ruby gem for statistics inspired by the jStat js library Bug#941893: RFA: pam-dbus Bug#941963: ITP: opentest4j -- Open Test Alliance for the JVM Bug#941965: ITP: univocity-parsers -- Parsers for CSV, TSV and fixed width files Bug#941970: ITP: junit5 -- JUnit regression test framework for Java Bug#941976: ITP: apiguardian -- Level of stability annotation for frameworks or applications Bug#941983: ITP: hey -- hey is a tiny program that sends some load to a web application. Bug#942091: ITP: tpm2-pkcs11 -- PKCS#11 interface for TPM2 hardware Bug#942125: ITP: ruby-invisible-captcha -- Simple honeypot protection for RoR apps Bug#942132: ITP: python-nest-asyncio -- Patch asyncio to allow nested event loops Bug#942133: ITP: python-marshmallow-polyfield -- A marshmallow extension for polymorphic fields Bug#942163: O: c-icap-modules -- C-ICAP modules Bug#942180: ITP: golang-github-lk4d4-joincontext -- Golang library to join contexts Bug#942205: ITP: golang-github-agext-levenshtein -- Levenshtein distance and similarity metrics Bug#942210: ITP: golang-github-apparentlymart-go-textseg -- Golang implementation of Unicode Text Segmentation Bug#942212: ITP: nomad-driver-lxc -- Nomad LXC driver plugin Bug#942213: ITP: nomad-driver-singularity -- Nomad Singularity driver plugin Bug#942226: ITP: branca -- library with non-map-specific features for folium Bug#942228: ITP: folium -- visualize geographic data in a Leaflet map Bug#942239: ITP: glulxe -- Interpreter for glulx interactive fiction Bug#942240: ITP: glktermw -- Curses-based interface library for interactive fiction programs Bug#942249: ITP: inkscape-ext-textext -- Re-editable LaTeX graphics for Inkscape Bug#942282: O: php-horde-core -- Core Horde Framework library (AND all php-horde*!) Bug#942310: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu -- shell extension designed to replace the standard menu found in GNOME Bug#942317: ITP: euslisp -- Lisp based integrated programming system for intelligent robots Bug#942321: ITP: fort-validator -- An RPKI Validator and RTR Server Bug#942333: RFP: osc2midi -- Highly flexible and configurable OSC / JACK MIDI bridge Bug#942383: ITP: sahara-plugin-spark -- OpenStack data processing cluster as a service - Spark plugin Bug#942397: ITP: avogadrolibs -- Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (libs) Bug#942422: ITP: dothost -- dothost is a DNS lookup utility, which produces output in Graphviz format. Bug#942423: ITP: node-qrcode-generator -- QR Code Generator implementation in JavaScript Bug#942448: ITP: python-flask-seeder -- Flask extension to seed database through scripts Bug#942525: ITP: golang-github-uber-jaeger-lib -- Jaeger infrastructure libraries Bug#942555: ITP: golang-github-hashicorp-go-discover -- discover nodes in cloud environments Bug#942564: ITP: cassis -- Bug#942635: ITP: atlas-ecmwf -- A library for numerical weather prediction and climate modelling Bug#942649: ITP: golang-github-rs-cors -- net/http configurable handler to handle CORS requests Bug#942681: ITP: sahara-plugin-vanilla -- OpenStack data processing cluster as a service - Vanilla plugin Bug#942689: ITP: nncp -- Node to Node Copy for secure store-and-forward online and offline file and mail exchange Bug#942723: ITP: medialibrary -- library for managing media files in a media library Bug#942741: ITP: lxqt-organizer -- LXQt Pim, right now only an basic organizer Bug#942754: ITP: volatility3 -- advanced memory forensics framework Re: Bug#942768: lcl-units-2.0: file conflict with lazarus-src-2.0 (versin 2.0.2+dfsg-5) Bug#942796: ITP: ruby-snowplow-tracker -- Ruby Analytics for Snowplow Bug#942808: ITP: dropbear-rescue -- A set of initramfs scripts to add and run dropbear when the system boots in rescue mode Bug#942810: ITP: golang-github-farsightsec-golang-framestream -- Frame Streams implementation in Go Bug#942811: ITP: golang-dnstap -- flexible, structured event replication format for DNS servers Bug#942812: ITP: golang-github-farsightsec-go-nmsg -- Golang implementation of the nmsg network message encapsulation library Bug#942829: ITP: wurlitzer -- Capture C-level output in context managers Bug#942846: ITP: jupyter-sphinx -- Enables running code embedded in Sphinx documentation Bug#943315: ITP: vst3sdk -- professional audio plugin development kit Bug#943316: ITP: fst -- Free Studio Technology for audio plugins Bug#943349: ITP: openxr-sdk-source -- openxr loader, basic API layers, and example code Bug#943411: ITP: cado -- Capability Ambient DO Bug#943460: ITP: dnsenum -- tool to enumerate domain DNS information Bug#943478: ITP: yajl-tcl -- Tcl language binding to the yajl library, a tools for parsing, creating and validating JSON messages Bug#943486: ITP: monado -- an open source XR runtime and driver collection Bug#943488: ITP: libtest-sys-info-perl -- centralized test suite for Sys::Info Bug#943491: ITP: libunix-processors-perl -- interface to processor (CPU) information Bug#943497: ITP: libsys-info-driver-linux-perl -- Linux driver for Sys::Info Bug#943552: ITP: tracecompass -- trace viewer and analyzer Bug#943556: ITP: roc-roct-thunk-interface -- Radeon Open Compute Thunk Interface Bug#943559: ITP: python3-sphinx-click -- A Sphinx plugin to automatically document click-based applications Bug#943596: ITP: wget2 -- file and recursive website downloader Bug#943726: ITP: golang-github-ssgelm-cookiejarparser -- A Go library that parses a curl (netscape) cookiejar file into a Go http.CookieJar Bug#943742: ITP: python-sop -- Framework for implementing the Stateless OpenPGP CLI in Python Bug#943743: ITP: golang-github-varlink-go -- Golang implementation of the Varlink protocol Bug#943756: ITP: nomad-driver-podman -- Nomad taskdriver for Podman containers Bug#943783: ITP: python-js2py -- JavaScript to Python translator Bug#943785: ITP: python-pyjsparser -- Fast JavaScript parser written in Python Bug#943791: general: laptop HP 15_bw0xx does not power-off properly Bug#943817: ITP: ripser -- Fast computation of persistent homology of Vietoris-Rips complexes Bug#943892: ITP: python-backcall -- Specify callback function signatures for Python Bug#943904: ITP: uwsgi-apparmor -- apparmor plugin for uwsgi Bug#943914: RM: firefox-esr [armel] -- RoQA; build-dependency nodejs not available on armel Re: Building Debian source packages reproducibly Building Debian source packages reproducibly (was: Re: [RFC] Proposal for new source format) Re: Cron, anacron, cronie, systemd-timers Re: Debian and our frenemies of containers and userland repos devscripts uninstallable in Debian Sid due to unmet dependencies Re: Discussion tooling Discussion tooling (was: Bits from the DPL (August 2019)) Do you need redesign of your site at the address or another original software? domain-specific names for source packages doxygen 1.8.16 is ready for unstable, 10+ packages will FTBFS on amd64 FTBFS on i386 for user mode linux Re: Git Packaging Round 2: When to Salsa Init systems and docker InstallBootstrap (was: Re: Debian and our frenemies of containers and userland repos) Integration with systemd ITP: libdata-url-java -- Support for the data protocol as specified in RFC 2397. Re: Maintainer/home wanted for DDE (Debian Data Export / MBF: don't build against libatlas3-base if possible Merge request friendly handling of debian/changelog Opera 12.16 auf Debian 10 funktioniert nicht Opera 12.16 on Debian 10 is not working Opera Mail fehlt auf Linux Opera Mail is missing on Linux Possible bug in policy? Q: what's the blocker for firefox-esr update migrates to testing Rethinking tensorflow build (taking shortcuts) RFC: How about using MRs to communicate the diffs for NMUs with an MR rocm-team: in support of AMD's free CUDA counterpart and end NVIDIA monopoly Secureboot: how to use MOK should all bug reports be filed against /source/ packages? source only upload with git-buildpackage Suggestion: You should delete Mozilla ESR programs Summary of the Secure Boot BoF at DC19 [long, late] Summary: BLAS/LAPACK Ecosys Massive Update Summary: Consensus Building and Discussions of the last Day or So Summary: Git Packaging Round 2 [comments by 11/05/2019] Re: tomcat9 using systemd specific stuff is now vendor lock-in [was: BITS from the DPL For September/October 2019] TZ=UTC wrong? virtualbox, backports, and fasttrack When acting as a service admin, it's official, no really. Wifi en debian Work-needing packages report for Oct 11, 2019 Work-needing packages report for Oct 18, 2019 Work-needing packages report for Oct 25, 2019 Work-needing packages report for Oct 4, 2019 The last update was on 17:55 GMT Sun Jan 10. There are 424 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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