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Summary: Consensus Building and Discussions of the last Day or So

Tl;DR: We're slowing down the git discussions and we all know that I owe
the project a summary there.  Even I found that discussion really long
and it's taking a while to read it all for the second time.

Long form:

First, we're all agreed that the last round of Git discussions was a bit
much to take in.
I'm taking my time putting together a summary and we will have a chance
to see at least my take on where we got.

It's possible some issues in that thread may not come to consensus.

Holger pointed out that we need to avoid running things too fast.
Several people agreed.  I agree for many reasons including that I'm not
even finding the time to act on my original time line.
So, I'm going to slow down the Git discussions a bit and the goal for
October is to produce a summary for the last round.


Some people pointed out that in these discussions we're only seeing
participation from the people who care enough to find the time to
participate.  And that even given summaries, you get more influence if
you read the full discussion.

Several people have said that they prioritize packaging and other things
over participating in these discussions.  We do a number of things to
try and include interested parties.  We announce things on d-d-a, we
hold discussions on the right forum.  We seriously consider requests to
pace things and give people enough time to contribute.  But ultimately,
there's a presumption that we're willing to trust the people who put in
the energy on a given topic to make a decision.

If they get it wrong, people can respond to the summaries and typically
that will come out.  At the end of the day 6 developers who believe we
really got things wrong can bring an issue to a GR.  And that's OK.
Votes don't have to be emotionally draining.

If the project is unwilling to trust people who have the energy to do
the work, then the work won't get done.  Because if we wait for everyone
who is affected to chime in, it'll never happen.


People gave some feedback for better handling bits mails..
I really appreciate the feedback.
Some of it I'm already doing.  The rest I will consider.
I've also received positive feedback (mostly in private) talking about
things people like about my bits mail.
I'll work to make them easier to skim while preserving aspects that
people have indicated they like.

We have yet another thread about whether our lives would be better with
web forum technology.
It's ongoing.


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