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Re: Init systems and docker

On Fri, 11 Oct 2019 19:25:54 -0400, Jose-Luis Rivas
<ghostbar@debian.org> wrote:
>There's not much sense in using systemd inside a docker container, to be
>honest. Generally you want to launch your service as custom as possible
>and the ENTRYPOINT allows you to do just that. Docker already sends the
>SIGKILL to the PID 1, which should be the service you're shipping in
>that container.

Generally, I concur. But there are other uses for containers than
running a production service. For example; I'd love to have the
possibility to just fire up a Debian that is as close to a standard
installation to try "something". Docker is the natual way to do this
when you already have docker to run services. Then it's only the work
of creating (or using) a Debian image to instantiate the container and
to get rid of it quickly after the tests have been completed.

LXC might be the more natural tool to use for this, but this is a
different tool that needs different knowledge, and it's tooling is way
behind what we have with docker.

So, +1 to be able to run a default systemd-based Debian with systemd
as pid 1 in a docker container.

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