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Re: Discussion tooling

On 05/10/19 22:20, Samuel Henrique wrote:
On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 at 14:51, Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org> wrote:
Note that email already has a "tree-like" structure, since forever. You
just don't see it if you (ironically) use web application email clients
like gmail that decided to not show it. Most console/desktop clients
that I ever saw do support it.

Hm, but I wonder of the ones you saw how much they are used, because from
the ones I see people using, I would say less than 5% (by usage) has this.

And even then we are talking about tools that are either console or
desktop-only, there is still the smartphone user cases and, most
importantly, being able to follow the discussions without the need
to authenticate and being subscribed to the list, which would be
useful for outsiders (and an outsider is someone who will become
a contributor eventually).

As a non-DD and lurker, personally I like the NNTP interface at linux.debian.devel, which I believe is provided by Marco d'Itri. This doesn't require me to subscribe to the list and avoids clogging up my email, although it does require me to have a news server configured and Usenet is of only minority interest these days. It is better than trying to read the web archives and much easier to reply to. I think the header munging works well enough for my occasional posts to be properly threaded.

I should add that K-9 Mail for Android has an option for a threaded view and is moderately popular (5-10 million downloads from Google Play plus more from F-Droid).


PS I had forgotten that one does have to be registered with the news to mailing list gateway in order to post through it.

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