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virtualbox, backports, and fasttrack


Back in the beginning of September, because I needed to run VirtualBox
on Debian 10, I created an unofficial backport of the Debian unstable,
published it[1], and mentioned it on [2] (I don't think it was
advertised elsewhere).

[1] https://people.debian.org/~lucas/virtualbox-buster/
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/VirtualBox#Debian_10_.22Buster.22

On the above web page, I added:
> Note: if you use this, please let me know, so I know if I should
> continue maintaining it.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but since then, I received at least 15
"thank you" emails.

I don't want to reopen the debate about policy for backports and
inclusion into testing, that was already discussed at length.
But it saddens me a bit that Debian is not providing a solution to our
users other than to install unofficial packages (from me, or directly
from upstream).

Given that backports are a no-go, I hope that
http://fasttrack.debian.net/ will make quick progress and turn into an
official service soon.


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