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Re: When acting as a service admin, it's official, no really.

* Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org> [191009 08:45]:
> If we want to announce something, we announce it. Until we do something like
> this: of course there can be a (temporary) veto. You can't expect us to allow
> things that will break the service for everybody without stepping in. That
> doesn't mean that such things are final decisions or the we don't work with
> people to improve/fix things. 
> Bastians communication is sometimes a bit shorter or more direct than it
> should be. If you are unsure about things - talk to the team and not
> something hidden in some threads (salsa-admin@ or IRC).

While that may be fine in general, when a team member speaks officially
(and that was explicitly stated by Bastian in this case:

> >     >> > Bastian> For this I need to use my veto as Salsa admin.

) on a public Debian list (or privately), it is up to the team to make
each other aware; it is not up to others to use alternate channels to
say "Hey, one of your team said X on devel.d.o".

If Bastian's veto was not a permanent decision, that was not
communicated at all, and it should have been.  I'm glad it has been
clarified now.


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