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Re: Rethinking tensorflow build (taking shortcuts)

On Fri, Oct 04, 2019 at 06:25:21PM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Interesting :) But then if one wants to add some files to the software,
> which changes the dependencies, are we able to insert it correctly in
> the build process? Being able to change the set of files to be built is
> part of being able to modify the software, for it to be free :/

My understanding is that the preferred source of modification will still
be shipped, only with the addition of the preprocessed build
instructions, to remove the need free software that is not in Debian.

If someone wants to add things to the software that change the
dependency, I understand, one can regenerate the build trace with the
build system that upstream uses (which is free software), and things
keep working.

Unless I misuinderstood something, I quite like this shortcut :)


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