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Re: source only upload with git-buildpackage

On 05.10.19 19:48, Attila Szalay wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm struggling with it for a while now and I couldn't find the
> solution. I have a package maintained with git-buildpackage. And now,
> that I "cannot" upload binary packages I tried to compile the new
> version with the option to create a source-only changes file too. But
> for some reason that changes files are not created.
Ok, not uploading binaries is default now, isn't it? Maybe i don't
understand your question right, but i've created my needed source
packages yesterday with:

gbp buildpackage -S

and uploaded them - ok, i use gbp only for a month now so it might be
that is miss something - my point is: Why do you invoke pbuilder (read
the same question about sbuild too) to create pure source packages?

Cheers Alf

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