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Re: Summary: Git Packaging Round 2 [comments by 11/05/2019]

This all looks very good.

Presumably the repository / Salsa project name should match the source package name? If so, that might be good to note, at least as the default.

I'd love to see more information about a recommended branch structure. FWIW, I've been using branches named for each release (e.g. "sid" is the default, but I also have "buster" for a (proposed) stable update, will likely soon have "buster-backports"). This works really well, and also scales to also having branches for Ubuntu (e.g. I have "bionic" and "cosmic" too due to some SRUs). It also keeps "master" available for the upstream master branch. This seems so obvious and wonderful to me, but I'm not sure how popular it is.

I'm currently maintaining my packages on GitHub, but I'm going to move them to Salsa shortly to follow the consensus recommendation. I'm not a DD (and not a DM either, though I'm finally getting around to applying). Unfortunately, this means I have the, IMHO obnoxious, -guest suffix on my Salsa account. I certainly don't want to create things under that namespace, and it's doubly painful because if I ever become a DD, my username would change. So I'm asking my sponsor to create projects in the debian namespace. Of course, that's the recommendation anyway, so the -guest might be an inadvertent feature because it's encouraging me to use the debian team. :) I understand that DMs are quite literally second-class citizens (and non-DM package maintainers are third-class), but I really wish that things like Salsa usernames didn't call that out.

If this message is threaded wrong, my apologies. While I am now, I was not subscribed to debian-devel at the time. I have tried to set In-Reply-To directly, but this is my first attempt at doing so. In these situations, I would normally download the mbox archive, import it, and reply to the message that way, but mbox archives are seemingly unavailable (at least to non-DDs?) for Debian lists.


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