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Re: Rethinking tensorflow build (taking shortcuts)

On 2019-10-04 16:25, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> Mo Zhou, le ven. 04 oct. 2019 09:04:25 -0700, a ecrit:
>> Another angle for addressing the building problem is in the
>> reverse-engineering style: parse the bazel buildlog, rebuild the
>> dependency graph and generate a ninja build for it. See [2].
> Interesting :) But then if one wants to add some files to the software,
> which changes the dependencies, are we able to insert it correctly in
> the build process? Being able to change the set of files to be built is
> part of being able to modify the software, for it to be free :/

Minor modifications won't be too difficult. For example the object list
for building libtensorflow.so is explicitly listed here[1]. During build
the object list is passed to compiler via
I did manually edit the object list to customize the shared object, and
the changes will be reflected in the dependency graph[2].
(FYI: ninja writer's "implicit" argument stores dependencies)

On the other hand, ff the user wants significantly different stuff,
they have to re-generate a buildlog and update the parser accordingly.

Not bad, right?


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