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Re: Bits from the DPL (August 2019)

On 2019-10-01 16:13:03 -0400 (-0400), Sam Hartman wrote:
> A couple of people active in Gnome have suggested discourse for
> this sort of thing. It's got enough email integration that perhaps
> we would not lose people who want that interface.
> I t would be interesting if someone wanted to spend the time to
> pilot that.

Discourse is a Web forum platform with some mailing list features
bolted on. An alternative might be Mailman 3, which is a mailing
list platform with Web forum features bolted on. Both suffer from
the same problem though, which is that people who want to interact
via Web forums and people who want to interact via mailing lists
have preferences for different communication styles with some
fundamental incompatibilities, particularly where the relative
culture and etiquette of those diverge.

Discourse is not currently packaged for Debian while Mailman 3 is
(mailman3-full metapackage), though I gather that distinction makes
little difference to DSA as members have stated on multiple
occasions they prefer not to rely on Debian packaging for services
they operate.
Jeremy Stanley

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