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RFC: How about using MRs to communicate the diffs for NMUs with an MR

Dear all,

with salsa and most of the packaging going on in git I wonder whether 
we could add using MRs as an alternative way to communicate the diff
that is related to an NMU instead of adding a patch to the related bug.

When preparing an NMU people  might already be using git anyway, and if
one uses a fork of the packaging repo submitting the NMU diff as an MR
comes naturally, and also makes it easy to review the changes in salsa,
and to accept them (or not).

Maybe one could even add a webhook for MRs that send a message to the
BTS to provide a link when the MR message mentions a bug that is fixed
in the MR message or the commits it includes (similar to the one  that
sends a message when a bugfix is pushed to a packaging repository).  

With that the wording of the second sentence in the paragraph of 5.11.1
the policy would change to something like:

"Then, you either prepare the NMU in a fork of the original packaging
repository and submit a merge request referencing the bug you are
fixing, or send a patch containing the differences between the current
package and your proposed NMU to the BTS."

What do you think about this? 


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