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Re: Debian and our frenemies of containers and userland repos


On 7/11/19 5:48 PM, Kyle Edwards wrote:
> The demand is there. APT-style repositories aren't going away any time
> soon.

definitely not, I think the amount of various apt repositories will rise
>From the container world most people are in the need of a stable base
image for their containers. For that, developers also need or want the
latest shiniest software - which is something a distribution can't provide.

RedHat realized that and is providing their Universal Base Image now,
which can be freely shared in container images.

I'm wondering if there is something Debian can do to be even more
successful in the container world. Like regular releases of a container
base image from testing. The amount of packages that needed for that is
limited, the number of RC bugs is probably low enough most of the time.


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