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Re: Debian and our frenemies of containers and userland repos

On 07.10.19 13:17, Shengjing Zhu wrote:

> Why not have a repository for it, like dockerhub. So this becomes
> "pull latest build env", which saves lots of time("re-bootstrap" is
> still slow nowadays).

No idea how sbuild works these days (turned away from it aeons ago, as
I've found it too complicated to set up), but dck-buildpackage can do
both. It can try to pull an existing image for the given target, but
will bootstrap it when there isn't one.

IMHO, the best idea is treating images as nothing as a cache, and
having the build machinery bootstrap automatically when needed.

One thing on my 2do list for dck-buildpackage is keeping cache images
for dependency sets (eg. if the same package is rebuilt many times,
during development) - installing dependencies can eat up a lot of time.
(for now, this can be achieved manually, by configuring a target with
dependencies already installed - but I don't like manual things :o)

BTW: one important point w/ dck-buildpackage for me was being able
to specifiy what's in the image. I really prefer to have it really


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