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Init systems and docker

I have had bugs filed against more than one package I maintain regarding issues 
with sysv init scripts when used in docker.

I have been told by docker users (I'm not one) that systemd as provided on 
Debian can't be used in docker.  I have no idea if that's true or not.  I try 
really hard to know as little about init systems as possible and trust our 
maintainers who work on such things.

If it is true, then to the extent we want Debian to be useful for docker does 
that mean we ought to maintain sysv init scripts?  If it's not true, can 
someone point me to documentation that explains using systemd on Debian in 


I'm sure I'll fail, but I'm really not trying to start another email list 
flamefest.  I'd just like to understand this a little better so I can properly 
maintain my packages.

Scott K

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