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Re: Summary: Git Packaging Round 2 [comments by 11/05/2019]

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 09:58:00PM -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:

> I think we have about two weeks left in the review period.
> Just as a reminder we do need comments.
> Even if people generally agree, we do need at least a few comments to
> that effect.

I like the current proposal for a default suggestion for how to lay out
repositories on salsa when one is not working with a team and one has no
better ideas. I think it would both ease the path of people[1]
(re)learning debian packaging, and of people[1] who can do packaging
and, having no particular needs, like to stick to standards to ease
further work through uniformity.

I liked Ansgar's concern about the standard risking to become obsolete.
As a recommendation for a default layout, I think there should be a way
to keep the recommendations aligned to current project expectations, and
I'd like some upgrading-checklist-style document to assist in keeping
things aligned.

Hopefully the recommendations won't change too often, or the effort
saved by not having to explore multiple options while setting up a
packaging workflow, would be spent in keeping the workflow up to date.

I have no particular ideas about how to keep a recommendation up to
date, though I like the idea of having in Debian the possibility of
doing that a lot, as I see it valuable for a broader range of things.

While over-normating things in Debian would stifle its valuable
diversity, I think that being able to recommend as much standards as
possible would make it much easier to navigate that diversity.


[1] like often me
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