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Re: Summary: Git Packaging Round 2 [comments by 11/05/2019]

>>>>> "gregor" == gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org> writes:

    >> General Recommendation ======================

This entire section effectively only applies to individual packages that
are not in a team.

Would "When there is no Team to use" or similar be a better headline
and address your concern?
    >> This recommendation is intended for people who are simply looking
    >> for an approach that will work well with approaches others are
    >> using.  If you are packaging something in a large team, follow
    >> their existing practices.
    gregor> […]
    >> You should document the branch format (such as patches unapplied
    >> (gbp pq)) that your repository uses.  Best practice for
    >> documenting this is still evolving.  The best current option is
    >> to document your branch format in debian/README.source.
    >> Alternatively if you use `dgit push-source`, your source format
    >> is documented in maintainer tags.

    gregor> Does this paragraph refer to repos in the Debian group or to
    gregor> all repos, i.e. team-maintained ones?

As implied by above, effectively non-team stuff.
That recommendation technically applies to:

* debian group

* Things created in personal namespaces by non-DDs who don't want to
  wait for someone to create a debian-group repo for them.

but yes, I was explicitly not wanting to make teams document source
package format in README.source.

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