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Re: Bits from the DPL (August 2019)

Am I really expected to add a "me too" response every time I agree with what
someone else took the time to write... making it harder for people with limited
time to follow? This seems especially cruel to those that don't speak English
natively, and those that rely on translation services.

I can't help but feel we should be using better tooling for discussions.
There are various cases where I would like to +1 but I know this is frowned upon
when dealing with email threads.

I feel much more committed to Debian than to hackernews, although I participate
much more in discussions there than in Debian ones.

If we remove the fact that these tools are proprietary/not-accessible, event the worst
social networks are better at doing forum type discussions than email threads.

The ability to +1 without having to add something substantial to the discussion,
the ease to see all the subthreads (sub discussions) without having to dig into
the mail box trying to figure it out which one is about what, and the centralization
of the discussion in a "tree like" structure are things that I miss a lot here.

Here's me hoping that somebody has the time to propose some solution
for this problem that doesn't fall into N subthreads that most of the people
don't even bother trying to find or give up participating because they can't
just "+1".


Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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