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Re: Integration with systemd

>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

    Russ> I also completely agree with Josh's message and with your
    Russ> other message that we need to make a lot of decisions about
    Russ> what systemd features packages can assume, or what workarounds
    Russ> they have to have in place if they can't assume those
    Russ> features.  There are a variety of different options here,
    Russ> ranging from requiring software be fully ported to a sysvinit
    Russ> system before it can be packaged for Debian to assuming that
    Russ> all Debian systems run systemd, with multiple interesting
    Russ> points in between.

    Russ> I don't think a GR should attempt to resolve all of the
    Russ> specific details, but I do think it should resolve where the
    Russ> project wants to be on that spectrum so that we can then roll
    Russ> up our sleeves and start turning that into specific policy
    Russ> guidance.  There is quite a lot to say in this area (and that
    Russ> needs to be said), once we have that direction from the
    Russ> project as a whole.

That's my hope.
I'm trying to phrase the GR options as  concrete options about  what we
face today, but I also am hoping that we end up with a general

It's possible that our general direction might change based on something
we find downstream.  For example perhaps having an alternative for
simple socket activations is doable.  But later perhaps we discover that
we don't have the energy to come up with an alternative for some systemd
feature that *everyone* is using.
Something like that might cause us to need to change direction.


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