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should all bug reports be filed against /source/ packages?


the thread about naming (source) packages reminded me of an other thing:
Debian's bug tracking system currently (mostly) tracks bugs against
binary packages and (less often) against source packages.

It gets confused if a source & binary package with the same name, but
otherwise unrelated exist; or when the same binary is built from
different sources on different architectures; or when binary and source
versions don't match (version tracking really should use source
versions).  In addition there are issues when binary packages get
renamed (e.g. when libfoo1 gets dropped in favor of libfoo2).

I believe bugs should always be assigned to source packages as source
packages are really the unit we use to keep track of packages.

So I'm wondering if we should start just filing all bug reports against
source packages?  Reportbug could probably be easily changed to use
`Source: ...` instead of `Package: ...`; more places could follow later.


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