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Bug#941627: ITP: grub-btrfs -- provides grub entries for btrfs snapshots (boot environments/restore points)

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@gmail.com>
Control: block -1 by #840248

Package name    : grub-btrfs
Version         : 4.1
Upstream Author : Antynea <anty_fab@hotmail.fr>
URL             : https://github.com/Antynea/grub-btrfs
License         : GPL-3+
Programming Lang: bash
Description     : GRUB entries for btrfs snapshots (boot environments/restore points)

Grub-btrfs generates grub entries for btrfs snapshots, thus making it
easy to roll back to a known-good state.  Other operating systems call
this functionality "system restore points" or "boot environments"
(aka: BEs).

This package supports booting from manual snapshots stored in a
predefined location, and appears to also support snapper (it seems the
snapper support may be buggy in the v4.1 release).  At present,
snapshots must be the read-write type, but it should be possible to
extend this software to the following from an initramfs: make a rw BE
from a ro snapshot during the premount stage.

I've been waiting for this software to mature for a couple of years
before filing an ITP, and it looks like it's finally ready to
validate.  I've blocked this ITP by "debian-installer: Add btrfs
subvolume setting for snapshot" because I do not believe that this
package is useful until a default Debian installation using btrfs
provides separation between rootfs and user data.  That said, I
believe that it is appropriate to work on it in the experimental
suite.  It is probably most useful for people who want to track sid,
but with insurance against having to back out of an upgrade when they
don't have any free time.

Ideally I'd like to form a btrfs-task force to work on related issues
and maintain this package there, but as of yet no one has shown
interest in such a team.  If you are interested, please speak up!

I will need a sponsor for the initial upload.


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