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Re: Init systems and docker

Hi Tomas!

On 10/12/19 7:00 PM, Tomas Pospisek wrote:
> I have to say that I disagree with you and many others on this thread.
> Maybe Docker was *meant* for single application containers, I do not know.

In theory, yes.

> However running a service ("a single application") often implies
> surrounding services. F.ex. you want logs to be saved? Maybe you need to
> run cron or at? Maybe you want to get notified about problems, stats,
> whatever via email?

There are several options:
- use more than one container. Your mailserver happily runs in a
different container and can still be used by your application. Same for
cronjobs (with k8s, you'd want to look into k8s based cronjobs) - in a
lot of cases there is no need to have cron running in the same container
as your application.
- start more than one application from your entrypoint.sh
- if you really, really need it: use supervisord.

> Now the next problem is how to start those. Easiest way is to hook the
> provided Debian init scripts into whatever mini-init system one chooses.
> And so forth.

please don't use init-scripts in containers... see above.

Containers are not meant to be full-blown Linux stacks with everything
you can imagine in one container.


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