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Re: Integration with systemd

Martin Steigerwald - 31.10.19, 13:19:56 CET:
> While I do not expect maintainers of Debian packages to implement
> support for alternate init systems themselves, I still believe if
> someone works constructively and consistently on making such support
> available in Debian, it would be good to be inclusive enough to allow
> him or her to do this work and find a good way to integrate.
> Like with elogind.
> Refusing to work together constructively due to emotional exhaustion
> even tough Mark did all he can to remain as constructive and
> supportive as he could… is understandable, but ultimately does not
> help and may ultimately alienate those who use Debian with an
> alternative init system.

As to this, I did not yet see that the migration of elogind to testing 
has been accepted.

Thank you very much, Sam, Ian, Mark!

However, as to the broader topic of integrating with systemd, what I 
wrote still applies.


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