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Re: [RFC] Proposal for new source format

My initial reaction is that this is additional complexity in a direction
that we don't need.

Like Russ, I generally assume that VCS-like things are the future.
I understand there is complexity there.

But I don't understand why this proposed format would be a step forward
in a world where we care more about VCSes.  As an example, I don't
understand how this would make things better for tag2upload.

I don't think this proposal is sufficiently well developed where you're
going to get much good feedback on debian-devel.

My recommendation:

1) Consider Russ's comment.  Consider whether you still want to go

2) If so, find a small group of people who think your idea sounds good.
Focus on fleshing things out.  Include use cases and how this would make
the world better.

3) Solicit review on such a fleshed out proposal.


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