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Re: BITS from the DPL For September/October 2019

On 10/31/19 7:36 PM, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> schrieb:
>> My understanding is that the current guidance is that doing init script
>> isn't mandatory.
> With policy not updated, people claim it's mandatory, see e.g.
> #925473 on Tomcat.

Well, the policy is wrong, and should be updated then. I do believe we
all agree on this already.

Now, looking at the said bug, we have Thorsten Glaser proposing:
"I’d very happily maintain the init script."

I haven't read all the bug entry, but if someone is claiming that
accepting such contribution is mandatory, then that's very much right,
at least that the consensus we're in right now, indeed. Which is *very*
different from mandating the package maintainers to do the work all by

> The discussed GRs would provide clarification on what the project
> at large actually wants (and what policy should spell out).

So, if I understand well, you guys want to remove the mandatory
acceptation of contributed sysv-rc init scripts. At this point in time,
we could do that, but well, if it's this way, I do believe we must as well:
- stop any non-linux port effort, and remove them from ports.d.o.
- remove sysv-rc, filerc and openrc from Debian.
- edit the policy and mandate each package having .service files.
- file (probably non-rc) bugs against things providing a sysv-rc script,
asking for its removal.
- make a release goal for Bullseye so that we get rid of any non-systemd
startup scripts.

Because if we can't provide support for these, we may as well remove
them all together, and if we do, we should do it the right way.

In the text of the said GR, please make all of this very clear,
otherwise, we'd be misleading the voters!


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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